I need an employee I can trust...

...lets view something short-term

I can help you get things done! 

As you lay the foundational framework for your company, 

it will be important to understand when you should

take a step back from your brand and allow additional support. 

Your role won't change, oversee the project until the end while you focus on larger projects.

Here are the courses I offer! These meetings are scheduled to meet your scheduled needs scheduled for one on one engagement. These courses are also rotated quarterly for  group engagement! It allows you to choose the best option for you!

Trust is developed over a series of consistent patterns...

Website Development

Websites convey your company in a way that you cannot.

It's a digital storefront that is available 24 hours and works at any time it is requested.

You on the other hand need office hours, coffee, and rest!

You may or may not have a physical location, but it doesn't matter when you have a website!

Direct the flow of traffic to your website without being limited to your schedule. Website design includes two page transitions, one product or booking page including up to 6 products or services. Additional pages, services, and products can be added at customers request and will accrue price fluctuation. 

Here's a list of what you recieve!

  • Final Launch Review Meeting (30 minute)

  • 7 Day Post Launch Edit Requests

  • Access to view live progress

  • 1 Guided Tutorial (Website Operation)

  • 1 Hour Productivity Meeting

  • 1 Website Planning Checklist

  • 1 Week Website Development

  • 4 Development & Progress calls

Small Business Investment Value

$425 initial price

*Development for additional website needs cause price fluctuation.

Assure your business will be managed like you...

12 Day Digital Media / Social Media Takeover

Continue your E-Commerce productivity as well as structure to gain well organized traffic while you step away to manage other tasks or take a vacation! During the takeover be reassured that your digital media will remain active through engagement and content postings. Continue to produce your initial goals for your digital media accounts while you manage and juggle other tasks.


Prior to Social Media Takeover

  • Customer Debriefing &  Goals Analysis (1hr)

  • 1 Social Media Planning Checklist

  • 1 Brand & Social Media Account Assessment

During the Social Media Takeover:

  • Daily Social Media Engagement (Details included during initial meeting)

  • Curated Content (unique and specific only to the customers brand)

  • Week 1&2 Debriefing & SWOT Analysis w/ customer (1hr) 2x's

  • Week 1&2 Measurable Goal Review w/ customer (1hr) 2x's


Small Business Investment Value

$125 each week

You can no longer be the employee and the boss...

Executive Leadership Management 

Gain a one on one accountability partner through brand management. This service will help ensure your ideas move off of your paper into the future. This one on one leadership will help maintain the momentum of your brand! Lay the foundation for the next set of goals, organized how these tasks are accomplished and close the deal on those large contracts.

This strategic planning will help you prioritize and focus from a fiscal year perspective.


  • Hands-on Strategic Planning

  • Productivity and S.W.O.T Analysis

  • Brand Awareness Guides

  • A full month of  1:1  One Hour Meetings (6)

  • A full month of 30min Debriefing Conferences (Video or Phone) (8)

  • Foundational Structure Review & Analysis

Small Business Investment Value

$250 each 1hr meeting

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