Define your Goal:

Enhance your online Presence

Keep in touch with current customers

Sell products or personal brand

Educate on offers

This course will provide general steps for each goal above. As you define your goal please ensure your upcoming executive leadership meetings focus on your goal.

Reminders on Social Media Engagement

How to engage an audience on social media?

  1. Create Content as per the Platform. Each social media platform caters to a different set of audiences. ...

  2. Use the 10:4:1 Rule for Social Media Content. ...

  3. Prioritize Relationships, Not Follower Count. ...

  4. Humanize Your Social Media Campaigns. ...

  5. Use a Compelling Call to Action. ...

  6. Split Test before Hitting 'Share'


Social media is not where people go to, to buy. Instead, it is a platform people use to learn, explore, meet people and be entertained.

Stages of Awareness (this helps helps to guide the buyers journey).

The Internet marketing lead generation ecosystem illustrates how all components fit together to form cohesive campaigns. It is intended to give marketing leaders a blueprint for building a complete Internet marketing strategy that maximizes sales lead generation.

Turn a lead into a customer,

An irresistible offer presented to your target audience, at the right time, backed up by proof and including an element of scarcity.

The most effective ways to turn leads into customers is through sales calls, webinars, events, video case study of existing customers, explainer videos or online sales pages.

Putting together an online sales page. (Someone with good copywriting skills will be needed)

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