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Let's say you're the boss who wants to


Below you will find the courses offered. Feel free to schedule a consultation to determine

which course is best for you.

Marketing In Saturated Environments

Imagine  a struggle free start up,  allowing you to truly lead and learn about  your market. 

Learn the details of your market and begin tracking your data and compare this with the

of the demands within your market. 

If you are in a market that seems saturated, let’s look at what makes your brand and service different! Work to convey the true essence and personality of your brand. Develop your brand past the logo and packaging details and dive into the area's that are focusing on your target market's needs and your customers persona. 


  • Refine your Branding Identity 

  • Defining your Target Market 101

  • SWOT Analysis



  • Build your pitch for Products and Services 

  • Review Data and Trends within your current market

  • A full month of  1:1  One Hour Meetings (4)

Small Business Investment Value

$125 each meeting

Need Help telling others about your business???

Executive Language

Immerse yourself in different perspectives of social engagement;

all while by re-visiting the way you have been sharing your company's story.

Learn to talk the walk by incorporating your belief system in word form. Build and clarify your

face to face marketing experience while learning how your target market best receives information. Leave understanding what your target market is verbalizing they want through verbal and non-verbal cues. 

  • One full month of 1:1 Meetings (4x) 1hr each

  • Booked and Busy Subscription Goodies

  • Complimentary Business Membership  (3 months)


  • Executive Language Workbook

  • Custom Accountability Worksheets

  • Social Engagement Assessment

  • Face to Face v.s Digital Marketing Tips 

Small Business Investment Value

$125 each meeting

I want to manage my own accounts...

Independent Social Media Management

You will learn how Social Media is used for E-Commerce productivity as well as structure to gain well organized traffic as a  Social Media Landing Page for your business. Begin to view your social media account as a digital storefront, which can (1) produce free advertisement from loyal consumers, (2) develop brand awareness with potential consumers and (3) grow profits within your company.


  • Initial Consultation & PreCourse Work

  • Brand Awareness Assessment

  • E-Commerce 101 Workbook

  • Digital Storefront Content Development

  • One full month of 1:1 Meetings (4x) 1hr each

  • Electronic File with Stock Photos {$25ex}

  • List of Organization & Development tools 

Small Business Investment Value

$125 weekly

I have so many ideas...where can I go from here?!?

Become The CEO: Productivity Strategies

Can't seem to get the ideas you've been brainstorming off the ground because you are typically juggling the additional roles within your company? Allow this course to help you with FOUR AREAS! (1) Prioritize in efforts to remain focused on the goals most important to you. (2) Create a strategy to meet your goals no matter the obstacles! (3) Build a strategic plan for those ideas you have been brainstorming! (4) Shine light on why those plans you began to execute have fallen off of your list of priorities.


  • Strategic Planning Workbook 

  • Productivity Trackers (including S.W.O.T Analysis)

  • Self Awareness Guides

  • A full month of  1:1  One Hour Meetings (4)

  • A full month of 30min Debriefing Conferences (Video or Phone)

  • Booked and Busy Membership (1 Quarter)

Small Business Investment Value

$125 each meeting

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