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2nd quarter promo.png

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We revamped the 3 month accelerator Branding 10squared. See what's new!


🙌 Get what you want now.

😍 Pay in 4 over six weeks.

👌 0% interest.

Grow your profit and your customers over the next 12 week accelerator program!  To conquer this goal you need customers who are excited about spending their money with you! This program will give you all of the foundational tools it will take to grab your customers attention and cause them to spread the news about how you solved their problems. Read More Here


If your customers continue referring 1 or 2 people every 3 months you will never meet your goal of tripling your sales. Your products should be going out the door with every service as your customers find a way to continue your solutions when they leave you! If you struggle to convince your customers to maintain  product usage consistency (P.U.C) it is time to revisit your current brand message. 


Brand & Flow service helps you as the business owner for the next 3 months develop a consistent brand message that communicates that you are not only aware of the customers problem but your solution to eliminate their problem.  


In 12 Weeks you will receive: Review Breakdown here

  1. 1:1 Brand Coaching & Group Coaching (16 total hours)

  2. Originally Designed Brand Marketing Materials for packaging and services

    1. Printed for use.

  3. One Brand Photoshoot (totalling 45mins, 2 wardrobe changes, 5 retouches, all raw images)

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 BRAND your 

business today 


"Brittany the  brand assessment you used to help me brand my business has helped me build marketing campaigns  that are still bringing me clients. I am sometimes scared to post because new customers are skipping the cold and warm buyer stage and jumping into being a hot buyer for my highly recommended offers."

Aesthetic Beauty- Brand Member

2nd quarter promo.png

I am helping 200 women in 2022 target their ideal audience through branding, and I would love for you to be next!

Let's take your purpose and CONNECT THE RIGHT AUDIENCE.


"The first 6 months I worked with you my business made the exact same amount I made during all 12 months  of the year previously. Now in year 2 of branding I am planning to make $50,000 in the next 4 months. and close out the year at $100,000"

Salon and Products -Brand Member


"I made the right choice by choosing Brittany. I love my designs and I love the logo she made. My printed designs look better in person than they did when I approved them on my computer. I started branding when I was accepting customers from home. 9 months into branding I was able to afford my own suite location for my customers." Luxx Beauty Brows, Lashes & Makeup - Brand Member 

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