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If you have made it here your brand either needs strategy, design or help with execution. Select the one that connects to your needs and let's begin the process!

Struggling to get the attention of buyers? 

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I am Brittany,

I am known for helping service providers understand their customers needs, build offers based from their pinpoint and visually present who they are in a way that connects with their ideal buyer.


My favorite is helping moms and wives increase their brand's revenue 3x's their original goal!

I help build strategies that are directly from your GOD given purpose which ultimately help your business to thrive and connect with the RIGHT AUDIENCE. 


I am helping 200 women in 2022 target their ideal audience through branding, and I would love for you to be next!

I am helping 200 women in 2022 target their ideal audience through branding, and I would love for you to be next!

"Brittany the  brand assessment you used to help me brand my business has helped me build marketing campaigns  that are still bringing me clients. I am sometimes scared to post because new customers are skipping the cold and warm buyer stage and jumping into being a hot buyer for my highly recommended offers."

Aesthetic Beauty- Brand Member


Let's take your purpose and CONNECT THE RIGHT AUDIENCE.

"The first 6 months I worked with you my business made the exact same amount I made during all 12 months  of the year previously. Now in year 2 of branding I am planning to make $50,000 in the next 4 months. and close out the year at $100,000"

Salon and Products -Brand Member


Join me for Branding In The City group coaching

$75 each week

3 Weeks Virtual Group Coaching , 1 day each week no more than 2hrs each coaching. 

*You can expect Accountability Support

*Weekly Action Steps to build your Branding 

*You can expect to build a better presentation for the right customers

*Plan to meet your profit Goals 

What you can Expect? 

Printed Course Booklet

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"My brand designs have really helped me present my brand to the customers I want. I have progressed in such a little time with both branding and designs. I can't wait until I can schedule a redesign on my website."

Lashes, Make-up, Brows -Design Services