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- Lifestyle Based Pitch

- Social Media Traffic Conversion Plan

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Check out our service details here! We have even included an FAQ for you!

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Our Memberships give businesses a chance to create a quarterly branding plan that meet entrepreneur levels of beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 

No two businesses are the same and we practice this within the membership. Our framework that guides the SMART Goals would be the only likeness each membership shares.


Our Workshops take place monthly, in the form of group courses. Our members enjoy these courses without having to sign up and pay each time. 

Non-Members can attend each month to develop a stronger sense of confidence when branding their business.


Not quite ready to become a member? We are making room for you! You can attend a group workshop, purchase graphics or even get help with managing your social media account! 

Frequently asked questions

I just booked! What will happen next.

Congratulations on booking! You will recieve a formal welcome email that will include your next steps.

What happens if I forget my personal Zoom Link?

No Worries! Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Up to 24HRS before your meeting send an email to requesting this.
  2. Forget in the moment? Log into your file in Asauna and request this. OR
  3. If your original email is saved remember it is also there!
  4. If you haved the zoom app on your phone your meeting history will be saved. Click on that link and begin your meeting.

What services are included in my package?

  1. To confirm the exact package use your payment confirmation.
  2. Navigate to "Book Online" and find the package purchased. Review all services within the package.
  3. In Asauna We will track your services under 1 file you will be able to view each service to allow you to share notes and requests per service.
  4. If you have additional questions share them with us during your customer check-in!

What if I need additional services during my current package?

No stress, we can add this to your current work order! Also remember if you are a member you recieve discount perks on any add on services!

How should I prepare for each meeting?

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